In These Challenging Economic Times, Fremont Needs a Leader Who Advocates Fiscal Responsibility and the Interests of Fremont’s Citizens, Not Large Developers

Key Issues

Stimulate Local Economy- We need to accelerate our economy by streamlining the permitting process and treating small businesses as partners rather than adversaries. Fremont's industrial and business areas should be preserved for living wage jobs.

Support Our Schools- Many of the development decisions made by our City Council hurt our schools, leaving them over-crowded and under-funded. The City Council must work more closely with the School Board and stop making decisions that negatively impact our schools.

Adequately Fund Public Safety - Under our current City Council, police and fire services have been drastically reduced to the point where police can not even respond to unverified burglar alarms. We need creative solutions like other cities have successfully used to ensure our public safety services meet the needs of our city.

Develop Quality Neighborhoods - Our current Council has been approving big box retail that drains our historic districts and discourages pedestrian-friendly development.  Many smaller cities like Pleasanton, Sunnyvale and Mountain View have worked to make their commercial districts into attractive areas that are a source of pride and tax revenue. Why can't Fremont do the same?


Help the Campaign

The future of Fremont depends on people getting involved. As a Councilmember, I will listen to the people, understand their ideas, and truly represent them in our local government. I will ensure that the people of Fremont have an opportunity to participate in their local government and start making Fremont the best it can be.

I Want to Hear From You

I need to hear from you about what you want from your city government. The link above contains comments from concerned citizens. Let's talk about what our City Council should be doing. Add your own comment and read those of others.

Get Involved

This campaign depends on grassroots involvement. Working on the campaign has proven to be both fun and fulfilling.

I am looking for people who want to put up a yard sign, talk to their neighbors, knock on doors, make phone calls, help with events, host a house party, write letters to the editor, distribute fliers, or whatever else you think will help. Click here to sign up as a volunteer.


Campaigns are expensive. I need your donation to help me challenge business as usual in Fremont. I am not taking donations from developers. It's up to us to fund candidates who are beholden only to the people of Fremont. Please click here to donate.

The polls close in: